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Festival and Jazz Academy: Corfu Jazz World 2017 - 24-29/07/2017
Updated: 24-07-2017 12:05 | Views: 5368
The City of Corfu, the Ionian University and the Corfiot Events Organization are launching "Corfu Jazz World", a world-class jazz festival and academy. Official Website:
International Simulation Conference SimUnesCO 2017
Updated: 20-07-2017 12:05 | Views: 2237
Summer Music Academy: Concert Schedule
Updated: 29-06-2017 20:25 | Views: 2060
3rd International Conference in "Creative Writing", 6-8/10/2017, Corfu
Updated: 13-06-2017 12:01 | Views: 4167
The Postgraduate Programme in Creative Writing of the University of Western Macedonia in collaboration with the Joint Postgraduate Programme in Creative Writing (Hellenic Open University - University of Western Macedonia) and the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University announce the organisation of the 3rd International Conference in Creative Writing (...)
TTHE: 11th Audiovisual Arts Festival RETROSPECTIVE-IN-MEGARON
Updated: 20-05-2017 13:25 | Views: 1603
The Department of Audio and Visual Arts and the Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Laboratory (ΕΡΗΜΕΕ) of the Department of Music Studies invite you to RETROSPECTIVE-IN-MEGARON event, which will take place within the framework of the 11th AUDIOVISUAL ARTS FESTIVAL AT ATHENS CONCERT HALL (MEGARON), on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May 2017. THE RETROSPECTIVE-IN-MEGARON event is a joint production with the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Bridges cycle) and in collaboration with the International Animation Festival, Animasyros.
Retrospective-in-Megaron: 2D Animation Workshop by K. Tiligadis and I. Giakoumatou
Updated: 20-05-2017 12:54 | Views: 1181
The Audio & Visual Arts Department will present its course retrospectively in a digital art show which will be held at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron) 20 to May 21, 2017. Sunday 21st of May 2017, 16:00-18:00 at the Conference Room 2, the 2D animation workshop entitled "Stop motion – animation" is taking place by the Assistant Professor of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts Konstantinos Tiligadis and by Ioanna Giakoumatou.
Retrospective-in-Megaron: AR by N. Kanellopoulos, D. Lejerskar and G. Deligiannis
Updated: 19-05-2017 16:07 | Views: 2015
The Audio & Visual Arts Department will present its course retrospectively in a digital art show which will be held at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron) 20 to May 21, 2017. The show will include selected works of graduate, postgraduate students, Phd students and professors, and works by internationally renowned artists. Saturday, May 20th 2017, 11.00 - 14.00, Conference Room 1, two workshops are taking place by G. Deligiannis, Assistant Professor. Sunday, May 21st 2017, Prof. N. Kanellopoulos will present “From Antikythera Computer to Quantum Computer: Augmented Reality and Art” (11.00-13.00, New exhibition hall-lower level) and D. Lejerskar “The evolution of the Augmented Reality Market & the Human – Computer Interaction Problem” (13.00-14.00,New exhibition hall-lower level).
Review of International Conference InfoKid 2017
Updated: 19-05-2017 15:42 | Views: 1509
Summer Music Academy 2017: Programme
Updated: 18-05-2017 15:40 | Views: 2424
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