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Furlough Forms

Updated Files (v.2): 5-12-2011

  001-A  001-AApplication for leave of absenceArticle 48
  002-B  002-BApplication for marriage leaveArticle 50
  003-C  003-CApplication for mourning leaveArticle 50
  004-D  004-DApplication for election leaveArticle 50, ΔΙΔΑΔ/Φ.18.19/1555/οικ.21192
  005-E  005-EApplication for trial leaveArticle 50
  006-F  006-FApplication for blood donation leaveArticle 50
  008-H  008-HApplication for gestation leaveArticle 52
  009-I  009-IApplication for maternity leaveArticle 52
  010-J  010-JApplication for parental leaveArticle 53
  011-K  011-KApplication for paternity leave with spouse in Public SectorArticle 50
  012-L  012-LApplication for paternity leave with spouse in Private SectorArticle 50, ΔΙΔΑΔ/Φ.51/590/οικ.14346(παρ.10)
  013-M  013-MApplication for sickness leaveArticle 55Article 56
  014-N  014-NApplication for sickness leave (with Solemn Decleration)Article 55
  015-O  015-OApplication for training leave(seminars, conferences etc)Article 59
  016-P  016-PApplication for examinations (Student)Article 60
  017-Q  017-QApplication for parental school attendance permitArticle 53, ΔΙΔΑΔ/Φ.53/1262/οικ.23684
  018-R  018-RApplication for educational leaveArticle 58, ΔΙΔΑΔ/Φ.51/590/οικ.14346(παρ.6), ΦΕΚ 315/27-2-2008
  019-S  019-SApplication for unpaid leaveArticle 51
  020-T  020-TApplication for child upbringing unpaid leaveArticle 51Article 53
  021-U  021-UApplication for trade union license
  022-V  022-VRevocation request authorization
  023-W  023-WApplication request for traffic away
  024-X  024-XApplication of general content
  025-Y  025-YApplication of special contentArticle 50

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