Ionian University
I. THEOTOKI 72, Corfu, P.O. box 663

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The Ionian University Library New window , an autonomous and decentralized service, is a unified library in terms of function and logic.

It aims to support and promote the teaching, educational, and research activities that take place within the respective graduate and postgraduate programmes of the University Departments. It also aspires at the continuous development and expansion of educational and research objectives, as well as of the broader social role of the Ionian University.

The collection of the Ionian University Library comprises more than 80,000 books, 700 magazine titles, more than 3,500 audio-visual records such as CDs, cassettes, vinyl records, videotapes, microfilms, a remarkable collection of maps as well as thousands of digital documents.

Official Webpage of the Ionian University Library:
http://iup.ionio.grNew window

The Central Library of the Ionian University is located at: 72, Ioannou Theotoki str., 491 00 Corfu.

End-User Services:
- Loan +0030 26610.87327 and +0030 26610.87323
- Interlibrary Loan +0030 26610.87339 and +0030 26610.87322
- Eudoxus +0030 26610.87339
- Journals-Online Subscriptions +0030 26610.87338

Branches of the Central Library:
1. Department of Music Studies, Old Fortress, 491 00 Corfu +0030 26610.87551
2. Dictionaries Hall, Hippocrates building Tsirigoti Square, 491 00 Corfu +0030 26610.87906

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