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The new book by assistant professor Christina Banou "Re-Inventing the Book" has been released
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Re-Inventing the Book: Challenges from the Past for the Publishing Industry by Christina Banou (Assistant professor in the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology, Faculty of Information Science and Informatics, Ionian University) chronicles the significant changes that have taken place in the publishing industry in the past few decades and how they have altered the publishing value chain and the structure of the industry itself. The book examines and discusses how most publishing values, aims, and strategies have been common since the Renaissance. It aims to provide a methodological framework, not only for the understanding, explanation, and interpretation of the current situation, but also for the development of new strategies.


The book features an overview of the publishing industry as it appears today, showing innovative methods and trends, highlighting new opportunities created by information technologies, and identifying challenges. Values discussed include globalization, convergence, access to information, disintermediation, discoverability, innovation, reader engagement, co-creation, and aesthetics in publishing.


Key Features. The book

  • Describes common values and features in the publishing industry since the Renaissance/invention of printing
  • Proposes a methodological framework that helps users understand current publishing issues and trends
  • Focuses on reader engagement and participation
  • Proposes and discusses the publishing chain, not only as a value chain, but also as an information chain
  • Considers the aesthetics of publishing, not only for the printed book, but also for digital material


Information for the book can be found at:


The book is also available at Science Direct per chapter


The book is available in printed and electronic forms,

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