Ionian University
I. THEOTOKI 72, Corfu, P.O. box 663

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Like every other institution of higher education in Greece, the Ionian University has the mission to produce and diffuse knowledge and cultivate the arts. At the Ionian University in particular, the content of studies is marked by originality and width of scope, qualities typical of every one of its Faculties.

This website serves as the main gate to the webpages of the academic Faculties and Departments of the University, where the visitor will find more information concerning the studies and the operation of the Faculties. It also includes links to the Postgraduate Programmes of the University, which prepare students for highly specialised academic fields, through courses taught and research projects.

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Includes information about the academic faculties and departments of the Ionian University and links to the respective websites.

[History & Translation-Interpreting]
[Information & Informatics Science]
[Music & Audiovisual Arts]

Postgraduate Studies
Includes information about all the postgraduate study programs of the Ionian University.

Gateway to online courses.

Student Mobility
Includes information about student mobility within the European Union.

Includes information about Ionian University's alumni and links to the respective associations.

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