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May 11, 2009
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June 6 2009
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February 27, 2009
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April 15, 2009
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June 1, 2009
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June 30, 2009
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July 31, 2009
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September 27-October 2, 2009
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ECDL2009 Photos in Flickr

ECDL 2009 Photos in Flickr©


Welcome to ECDL 2009 website

The Laboratory on Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing, Department of Archives and Library Sciences, Ionian University kindly organized the 13th European Conference on Digital Libraries, which was held in the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece from September 27 to October 2, 2009. The general theme of the conference was "Digital Societies".

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Update Magazine Report on ECDL 2009

CILIP's Update Magazine has published a report on ECDL 2009 on the recent (November 2009) issue. The report, conducted by Charlie Inskip (City University London), is thorough and highlights some of the most critical aspects of the scientific programme of the conference. CILIP's Update Magazine

An excerpt from the conclusions of the article:

"The message of ECDL was clear. We need to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to digital libraries, looking to the past and the future. Practitioners, technicians, researchers and educators need to communicate on each other's terms if digital libraries are to develop at the pace that is required by society."

The front cover and the table of contents is available digitally here, while the members of CILIP can have access to the full text. In the same issue a report on the work of the WEMIS workshop in the Soundbytes column, which discusses the latest developments in music information retrieval.
[Added: November 27, 2009]

DLIB Magazine Report on ECDL 2009

The latest issue of Dlib magazine (Vol. 15, No 11/12) hosts a report to ECDL 2009 entitled. "ECDL 2009: Enhancing Digital Libraries Users' Experience". The report was written by Maria Cassella (University of Turin) and Licia Calvi (University of Applied Sciences, Breda). To read the report please click here. Furthermore Dlib features reports on ECDL 2009 Workshops. To read the workshop reports, please visit the respective webpage in ECDL's website.
[Added: November 21, 2009]ERCIM News 79

ERCIM News Report on ECDL 2009

The latest issue of ERCIM News (no 79) features a report on ECDL 2009. You can find the report here, while you can read the whole issue by clicking here.
[Added: October 26, 2009]

Best Paper Awards Announced

Best Papers

  1. "A concept for using combined multimodal queries in digital music libraries"  by David Damm, Frank Kurth, Christian Fremerey and Michael Clausen
  2. "Hear it is: enhancing rapid document browsing with sound cues"  by Parisa Eslambochilar, George Buchanan and Fernando Loizides

Best Student Papers

  1. "Leveraging the legacy of conventional libraries for organizing digital libraries"  by Arash Joorabchi and Abdulhussain E. Mahdi
  2. "Managing the knowledge creation process of large-scale evaluation campaigns"  by Marco Dussin and Nicola Ferro

Best Poster

  1. "Recollection: integrating data through access"  by Laura Campbell

Best Demo

  1. "A web-based demo to interactive multimodal transcription of historic text images"  by Verónica Romero, Luis A. Leiva, Vicente Alabau, Alejandro Hector Toselli and Enrique Vidal

Nominated for Best Paper

  1. "Using semantic technologies in digital libraries - a roadmap to quality evaluation"  by Sascha Tönnies and Wolf-Tilo Balke
  2. "Chance encounters in the digital library"  by Elaine Toms and Lori Mccay-Peet

[Added: October 15, 2009]

Gallery of ECDL 2009 Photos in Flickr©

You may find a small gallery of photos from ECDL 2009 in Flickr©. Please visit the webpage and comment. You are also invited to submit your own pictures to info[at] (please remove spam protection).
[Added: September 30, 2009]

ECDL 2009 Proceedings Now Available OnlineLNCS 5714

The proceedings of ECDL 2009 are now available online, as volume of the Lecture Notes on Computer Science series (Vol. 5714), is now available online. You can find information about it here or access the online version from here. You can also download the volume flyer from here.
[Added: September 30, 2009]

Closing of Online Registration Form

The Online registration is closed. If you wish to register to the conference,please contact the conference secretariat at
[Added: September 23, 2009]

Tours and Excursions are Announced

There is a list of optional daily tours available for the participants of ECDL 2009 Conference and their accompanying persons. These include a bus tour around the island, a bus tour to Paleopolis, Paleocastritsa, Bella Vista and the north eastern part of the island and a cruise to Paxoi and Parga. Find more details here.
[Added: September 23, 2009]

"DL Education in the EU and in the US: Where Are We?, Where Are We Going?" Panel Announcement

The following announcement has been issued by the "DL Education in the EU and in the US: Where Are We?, Where Are We Going?" organizers:

"We regret to announce that Tefko Saracevic will not be able to attend ECDL and the panel on DL education. At the same time we are happy to announce that Gary Marchionini has accepted to be in the panel, thus maintaining the presence of US universities at an excellent level."
[Added: September 14, 2009]

"Conducting a Needs Assessment for a Joint EU-US Digital Library Curriculum" Workshop is Cancelled

We would like to announce that the "Conducting a Needs Assessment for a Joint EU-US Digital Library Curriculum" is cancelled.
[Added: August 20, 2009]

Final Program Announced

Please visit the Schedule webpage to see the final program of ECDL 2009. Please also note that during the next days the O.C. will announce the halls of each session, as well as of workshops and tutorials.
[Added: July 8, 2009]

Two Panels Announced

Please visit the Panels webpage for more information about the two panels which are accepted in ECDL 2009.
[Added: June 25, 2009]

Professor Buneman Announced as Invited Speaker

ECDL 2009 would like to announce Peter Buneman as Invited Speaker. Peter Buneman is Research Director of the Digital Curation Centre and Professor of Database Systems in the Laboratory for the Foundations of Computer Science, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. He is also Adjunct Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania. His speech is entitled "Curated Databases". Read more here.
[Added: June 23, 2009]

Registration to ECDL 2009 Now Open

The Registration to 13th ECDL is now open. Please before registering through the form, visit the informational webpage concerning dates, fees and services. The informational webpage is here.

Access the Registration Form

[Added: June 12, 2009]

NKOS Submission Deadline Now Extended

Due to requests, the deadline for submission to the NKOS Workshop has been extended to 23 June.
[Added: June 12, 2009]

DC Panel announced

The search process for members of the DC panel has been finalized and the outcomes are uploaded in the DC webpage.
[Added: June 8, 2009]

OC announces Student Support Programs

The Organizing Committee of ECDL 2009, with the valuable assistance of sponsoring organizations, is providing five (5) student scholarships. Please find more information here.
[Added: June 3, 2009]

Webpages on Workshops and Tutorials updated - Tessella and ARTstore Have Joined the List of ECDL 2009 Sponsors.

The webpages of Workshops and Tutorials are updated with information regarding each event. The Workshops webpages are constantly informed with new details about the events. Finally, Tessella is announced as Silver Sponsor of ECDL 2009 and ARTstor as Bronze Sponsor.
[Added: June 2, 2009]

List of Accepted Papers Announced

The accepted papers per category (full, short, posters and demos) are now announced. Please find this information in the Schedule webpage.
[Added: May 20, 2009]

Final Details Regarding Paper Length

Please consult the Submissions webpage for the final details on the papers length. According to these, full papers shouldn't exceed twelve (12) pages, short papers six (6) pages, posters four (4) pages and demos two (2) pages.
[Added: May 18, 2009]

VLDL 2009 Info and Call for Papers Announced

The organizers of VLDL 2009, the Second Workshop on Very Large Digital Libraries (VLDL) Workshop, which is going to be held in October 1-2 2009, Greece, have announced the information related to the worskhop, as well as the Call for Papers. Find more here and at the workshop's external website.
[Added: May 11, 2009]

NKOS 2009 Info and Call for Papers Announced

The organizers of NKOS 2009, the 8th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) Workshop, which is going to be held in October 1 2009, Greece, have announced the information related to the worskhop, as well as the Call for Papers. Find more here and at the workshop's external website.
[Added: May 06, 2009]

WEMIS 2009 Info and Call for Papers Announced

The organizers of WEMIS 2009, the Workshop on Exploring Musical Information Spaces, which is going to be held in conjuction with ECDL 2009 in October 1-2 2009 in Corfu, Greece, have announced the information related to the worskhop, as well as the Call for Papers. Find more here and at the workshop's external website.
[Added: April 30, 2009]

Professor Marchionini announced as Invited Speaker

ECDL 2009 would like to announce Gary Marchionini as Invited Speaker. Gary Marchionini is Cary C. Boshamer Professor in the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina where he teaches courses in human-information interaction, interface design and testing, and digital libraries, while he also heads the Interaction Design Laboratory at SILS. His speech is entitled "Digital Libraries as Phenotypes for Digital Societies". Read more here.
[Added: April 07, 2009]

List of Accepted Workshops

We would like to inform you that the accepted workshops for ECDL 2009 are the following ones:

  1. Digital Curation in the Human Sciences
  2. Digital Libraries: Interoperability, Best Practices and Modeling Foundations
  3. Harvesting Metadata: Practices and Challenges
  4. The 8th European Networked Knowledge Organisation Systems (NKOS) Workshop
  5. Second Workshop on Very Large Digital Libraries (VLDL 2009)
  6. BooksOnline '09: 2nd  Workshop on Research Advances in Large Digital Book Collections
  7. Workshop on Exploring Musical Information Spaces (WEMIS)
  8. 9th International Web Archiving Workshop (IWAW 2009)
  9. Conducting a Needs Assessment for a Joint EU-US Digital Library Curriculum
  10. Cross-Languange Evaluation Forum 2009

[Added: Mar. 31, 2009]

ECDL 2009 Official Carriers Announced

ECDL 2009 Organizing Committee announces the official carriers of the conference. Olympic Airways is supporting the safe and reliable transportation of ECDL participants by air, while ANEK Lines will provide high-class services for those who wish to travel from sea.

Olympic Airlines is the company that emerged from the historical Olympic Airways of Aristotle Onassis. It boasts a notable 50 year history, close to its passengers, characterized with love and responsible care for their safety. Olympic Airlines network constantly develops, covering 73 destinations in Greece and abroad. By taking advantage of the new technologies, it introduces new services such as e-check in and e-ticketing, so as to adapt to the increasing customer requirements.

Olympic Airlines have been appraised as a leading company in flight safety, a fact that can be established by the numerous results, from tests conducted by national and international organisations. Looking at the future and the new challenges of the airline market, Olympic Airlines, aims at the development and progression alongside with the better and continuously upgraded service of its passengers in Greece and around the world. Find more information at

Olympic Airlines offer a discount of 15% to tickets of the Economy Class. The discount is valid for trips in between September 27 and October 04, 2009. This discount is valid also only for flights of the Olympic Airways, which are operated by Olympic Airways airplanes.

ECDL participants may address to Olympic Airways offices and by referring to the code ZZCONF01/09ZZ will receive the discount. It is important to present the mail of confirming their registration to the conference to the office in order to activate this discount.

The modern, high-standard ANEK LINES fleet sails certified with a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2000 and Food Safety and Hygiene System (HACCP) according to ISO 22000. ISO & HACCP ensure that all required processes pertaining to sea carriage, passengers and vehicles transport, preparation and serving of meals and snacks, bar operation, hotel services, organization of cruises and happenings, are performed under controlled and approved conditions, so that the respective outcome meets the customers’ demands and complies with the Greek and EU Legislation.

As recognition for its achievements ANEK LINES was awarded the title "Passenger Line of the year 2008" by Lloyd’s List. Find more at

In regard to the services provided to ECDL participants, ANEK Lines provides a 40% discount to the tickets of the passengers' choice (subjected to availability) in the domestic (from Patras and Igoumenitsa) and international (from Venezia and Ancona) routes. For ticket issuing you may contact the Booking Department in Peiraias (tel.: +30 210 4197420, fax: +30 210 4115465). The tickets will refer to ORDER NO: 9324/E40/PV/IS and ECDL participants will be able to receive them at the following offices of ANEK Lines by showing the confirmation of their registration to the conference:

  • Venezia: Stazione Marittima di Venezia, Magazzino 123 (tel.: +39 041 5286522, fax: +39 0412419247).
  • Ancona: Via XXIX Settembre 2/o (tel.: +39 071 2072346, fax: +39 071 2077904).
  • Patras: Othonos & Amalias 25 (tel.: +30 2610 226053, fax: +30 2610 272906).
  • Igoumenitsa: Ioniou Pelagous, Neo Limani (tel.: +30 26650 29063, fax: +30 26650 28705).

[Added: Mar. 30, 2009]

Silver Sponsor Announced

UniSystems is announced as Silver Sponsor. See the full list of sponsors here.
[Added: Mar. 30, 2009]

Final Submission Deadline

We would like to inform you that the final submission deadline is now set for Monday March 30, 2009 at 18:00 (GMT time zone).
[Added: Mar. 27, 2009]

Submission Deadline Extended

We would like to inform you that the submission deadline is now extended. The new submission deadline is Saturday March 28, 2009 (GMT time zone). You can always consult the Important Dates webpage.
[Added: Mar. 20, 2009]

Submission System now Open

The Submission System is now available and you can access it from the button below. For details about the submissions, please consult the Submissions webpage.
[Added: Mar. 16, 2009]

Alpha Bank is Announced as Platinum Sponsor - New Silver Sponsor

Alpha Bank, one of the biggest and more reliable Banks in Greece, is now announced as Platinum Sponsor of ECDL 2009.

Alpha Bank, founded in 1879, is one of the largest banks in Greece. With more than 900 Branches, Alpha Bank Group is active in the domestic as well as in international markets, having presence in Cyprus, Romania, London, Serbia, Albania, Jersey, Bulgaria, F.Y.R.O.M., Ukraine, New York.

It is acknowledged as an innovator in introducing new electronic services, such as, home banking via Alphaphone (banking services over the phone) via Alphaline (PC link) Alpha Web Banking  (banking services through the Internet) and Alpha Bank m-banking (banking services over a mobile phone).

Alpha Bank Group is one of the leading banking and financial services groups in Greece, offering a wide range of services including retail, SME and corporate banking, credit cards, asset management, investment banking, private banking, brokerage, leasing and factoring.

Alpha Bank, within this context of contributing rewards social well being, takes measures in favour of human resources and the working environment, the preservation of nature, the social and cultural life.

EBSCO Information Services is also announced as Silver Sponsor. See the full list of sponsors here.
[Added: Mar. 16, 2009]

Conference Proceedings on LNCS Series

It is confirmed that the ECDL 2009 Proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag's Lecture Notes in Computer Science. More information about the LNCS series can be found here.
[Added: Mar. 1, 2009]

Calls for Special Tracks are Now Announced

The Calls for Contribution in the four Special Tracks of ECDL 2009 are now announced. You may find the relevant information in the respective webpages, namely Infrastructures, Content, Services and Foundations. A leaflet with information about all calls is available here.
[Added: Feb. 17, 2009]

Special Tracks in ECDL 2009 are Now Inagurated

The first announcement about the Special Tracks of the ECDL 2009 is now available. You may find the first available information in the General Call , which is here. More information about the specific Special Tracks Calls will be announced soon.
[Added: Jan. 29, 2009]

One New Sponsor Has Been Added

The Coalition for Networked Information has been added to the Sponsors' list as a Supporter of the ECDL 2009. The updated list of Sponsors is available here.
[Added: Jan. 29, 2009]

Call for Tutorials Has Been Announced

Call for Tutorials has been announced. The Call is available at the Tutorials webpage, which is accessible here.
[Added: Dec. 23, 2008]

Three First Sponsors Announced.

The first three sponsors of the 13th ECDL are Swets, InterOPTICS and the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM). In the meantime minor changes have been made in the sponsorship program of the conference, which can be found here.
[Added: Dec. 23, 2008]

Call for Workshops Has Been Announced

Call for Workshops has been announced. The Call is available at the Workshops webpage, which is accessible here.
[Added: Dec. 3, 2008]

Call for Doctoral Consortium Has Been Announced

Call for Doctoral Consortium has been announced. The Call is available at the Doctoral Consortium webpage, which is accessible here.
[Added: Dec. 3, 2008]

Call for Demonstrations Has Been Announced

Call for Demonstrations has been announced. The Call is available at the Demonstrations webpage, which is accessible here.
[Added: Nov. 21, 2008]

Call for Panels Has Been Announced

Call for Panel Proposals has been announced. The Call is available at the Panels webpage, which is accessible here.
[Added: Nov. 20, 2008]

Program Committee Has Been Announced

ECDL 2009 program committe has been announced. You can find more details here.
[Added: Nov. 03, 2008]

Sponsorship Program Has Been Announced

Sponsorship program has been announced. Interested parties in sponsoring ECDL 2009 can find more information about the sponsorship program here.
[Added: Oct. 30, 2008]

ECDL 2009 website has been officially launched

ECDL 2009 official website has been launched. In this website you will be able to find all information relevant to the organization and the scientific programme of the 13th ECDL.
[Added: Oct. 08, 2008]

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