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March 30, 2009 [18:00, GMT]
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May 11, 2009
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June 6 2009
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February 27, 2009
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April 15, 2009
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June 1, 2009
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June 30, 2009
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July 31, 2009
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September 27-October 2, 2009
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Posters and Demonstrations

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List of Accepted Posters and Demonstrations


  1. "A gateway to the knowledge in Taiwan's digital archives"  by Tzu-Yen Hsu, Ting-Hua Chen, Chung-Hsi Hung and Keh-Jiann Chen
  2. "Conceptual discovery of educational resources through learning objectives"  by Stuart Sutton and Diny Golder
  3. "Data recovery from distributed personal repositories"  by Rudolf Mayer, Robert Neumayer and Andreas Rauber
  4. "Developing a digital libraries master's programme"  by Elena Maceviciute and Tom Wilson
  5. "Digital preservation and access of audio heritage: a case study for phonographic discs"  by Sergio Canazza and Nicola Orio
  6. "Gaining access to decentralised library resources using location-aware services"  by Bjarne Sletten Olsen and Ingeborg Sølvberg
  7. "Improving annotations in digital documents"  by Jennifer Pearson and George Buchanan
  8. "Improving information retrieval effectiveness in peer-to-peer networks through query piggybacking"  by Emanuele Di Buccio, Ivano Masiero and Massimo Melucci
  9. "JSTOR - data for research"  by John Burns, Alan Brenner, Keith Kiser, Michael Krot, Clare Llewellyn and Ronald Snyder
  10. "Organizing learning objects for personalized eLearning services"  by Naimdjon Takhirov, Ingeborg T. Sølvberg and Trond Aalberg
  11. "Recollection: integrating data through access"  by Laura Campbell
  12. "Searching archival finding aids: retrieval in original order?"  by Junte Zhang and Jaap Kamps
  13. "Searching in a book"  by Veronica Liesaputra, Ian H. Witten and David Bainbridge
  14. "Securing the iRODS metadata catalog for digital preservation"  by Gonçalo Antunes and José Barateiro
  15. "SyGAR - a synthetic data generator for evaluating name disambiguation methods"  by Anderson Ferreira, Marcos Gonçalves, Jussara Almeida, Alberto Laender and Adriano Veloso
  16. "The DiSCmap Project: overview and first results"  by Duncan Birrell, Milena Dobreva, Gordon Dunsire, Jillian Griffiths, Richard Hartley and Kathleen Menzies.
  17. "The Planets interoperability framework: an infrastructure for digital preservation actions"  by Ross King, Rainer Schmidt, Andrew N. Jackson, Carl Wilson and Fabian Steeg
  18. "Thematic digital libraries at the university of Porto: metadata integration over a repository infrastructure"  by Isabel Barroso, Marta Azevedo and Cristina Ribeiro
  19. "Workflow of a digital mathematics library"  by Petr Sojka
  20. "Workspace narrative exploration: overcoming interruption-caused context loss in information seeking tasks"  by Youngjoo Park and Richard Furuta


  1. "A visualization tool of probabilistic models for information access components"  by Lorenzo De Stefani, Girogio Maria Di Nunzio and Giorgio Vezzaro
  2. "A web-based demo to interactive multimodal transcription of historic text images"  by Verónica Romero, Luis A. Leiva, Vicente Alabau, Alejandro Hector Toselli and Enrique Vidal
  3. "Active preservation"  by Robert Sharpe and Adrian Brown
  4. "Building standardized digital collections: ResCarta Tools, a demo"  by John Sarnowski and Samuel Kessel
  5. "Cultural heritage digital libraries on data grids"  by Antonio Calanducci, Jorge Sevilla, Roberto Barbera, Giuseppe Andronico, Monica Saso, Alessandro De Filippo, Stefania Iannizzotto, Francesco De Mattia and Domenico Vicinanza
  6. "Digital libraries - new landscapes for lifelong learning? The ‘InfoLitGlobal - Project’  by Heike vom Orde
  7. "Digital mechanism and gear library - multimedia collection of text, pictures and physical models"  by Rike Brecht, Torsten Brix, Ulf Döring, Heidi Krömker, Veit Henkel and Michael Reessing
  8. "Geographic information retrieval and digital libraries"  by Ray Larson
  9. "GROBID: combining automatic bibliographic data recognition and term extraction for scholarship publications"  by Patrice Lopez
  10. "Hoppla - digital preservation support for small institutions"  by Stephan Strodl, Florian Motlik and Andreas Rauber
  11. "Information environment metadata schema registry"  by Emma Tonkin
  12. "PROBADO3D - progress in putting innovative digital library services for architectural data into practice"  by Rene Bernd, Ina Bluemel, Harald Krottmaier, Raoul Wessel and Tobias Schreck
  13. "REPOX - a framework for metadata interchange"  by Diogo Reis, Nuno Freire, Hugo Manguinhas and Gilberto Pedrosa
  14. "SMART Finder - based on social rank and topic sensitive social rank algorithm in social networks"  by Gunwoo Park
  15. "User interface for a geo-temporal search service using DIGMAP components"  by Jorge Machado, Gilberto Pedrosa, Nuno Freire, Bruno Martins and Hugo Manguinhas

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